Entry No. 1: Inroduction


I might not be that much of a blogger, especially with the rate I am going with my posts. As you can see, my posts are too impersonal. I just find it hard to believe that people would be that much interested in my personal daily traumatizing life, that all of us seems destined to experience (especially if it is narrated, edited and proofread by an unreliable sources i.e. me). But as it happens, I have been fortunate enough to be with people whom I share some similar mental disorder with, and they all told me to write. Or to draw. Or to sleep.

But seriously, I’d rather read their works. But sleeping also sounds nice.

(I’ll pitch in a mini-journal entry just for the heck of it, so maybe you would suffer some random stuffs :’] so welcome to my erratic brain activities, and hopefully I’ll make sense)


2 thoughts on “Entry No. 1: Inroduction

    1. Most stories are personal, eheh, hope I’ve dealt with it sooner. Thanks for the morale boost, I really do need to write more. Also I like reading your stories, (I think you and your person are cute together) :’]

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