Random Thoughts



“A nest of robins in her hair”

Again with the birds.

This is for the only poem that is stuck to my head because of a class assignment during elementary.

I could still recite the whole verse that the first time I attended a meeting from ALA (Ateneo Literary Association) and we happen to have an assignment that I forgot (sorry Sir Jay!), I recited this one. *Sign, if only I was assigned “Invictus” or “The Emperor’s New Sonnet” by Jose Garcia Villa, then maybe I wouldn’t be this frustrated. The first one is because that would be really awesome, the latter one is for fun (though anyone could recite this work by Villa on the spot! Unless if he forgot the title).

I still like the poem (and I think having “Kilmer” as a surname is cool. Kilmer. Kill more.) and the rhymes and lyrical tone of the verse is nice but I can’t seem to memorize any other poem at heart except for this one. Such is my frustration. Though on my defense, not anyone has a poem they could blurt out out of nowhere, especially if they have assignments.

Oh, there was another poem, “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”—and yes, it is because of another assignment—and yes I hope my teacher had more sense than made the younger me memorize the damnable thing! Why didn’t she choose Poe!? Argh—frustrations!

Note: I don’t hold any grudges to Marlowe, I just prefer Raleigh. Go Nymph! Bash that shepherd!


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