Random Thoughts

Willow tree

Maybe, just a thought.

I often read books in crowded places, or places where there are noise. Whether in classes, while waiting in line for enrollment or paying bills. Just like an empty paper, I find silence intimidating. And I often use it as an indicator, if the noise gets to me, then that means I am not getting into the book. Nothing beats a book as a sound muffler.

But there is a catch, people always ask what I am reading. I don’t mind sometimes, but sometimes you are just so engrossed to a good book, any interruption can make you go berserk! That is why I often reply with off-handed remarks that wouldn’t gave rise to follow-up questions.


My favorite is saying, “It’s about talking animals.”

It makes them think I am reading children’s books and fairytales (which I am guilty of on both accounts). Though reading “Narnia’, “White Fang” and “Call of the Wild” by Jack London or a treasure like “Watership Down” by Richard Adams doesn’t necessarily mean they are exclusively meant for children. It does work since they think I’m too old to read about “talking animals”. 


“Oh, it’s just a gender-bend. Mostly crack pairing.”

I always think “Twelfth Night” by Shakespeare is really fun and a way for Shakespeare to play with his audience. Also, there is cross-dressing involved.

But apparently, these only made them more curious.


“It’s about the story of how the girl got devirginized.”

My over-all take on anything mindless, under the romance category. Though seriously, I don’t want to know in full details how you lost your virginity! (I am talking about pocketbooks here, I read it sometimes if I don’t want to think)


“It’s about how man killed God.”

But really, I think people should read the Bible more. Well He got resurrected afterwards so that one isn’t entirely accurrate.


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