Random Thoughts

2014-06-02 12.36.48

I waited until dusk just to see the sunrise. But it risen on the other side of the island. It was already bright but the sun is still hiding from the mountains. I was disappointed, I’ve always looked forward for the orange-y sky, clouds almost set ablaze with shades of red and orange. But the sky is already blue and no sunrise in sight.

That is, until I look at this little cloud. It might not be much but I guess the world took pity on a random civillian and gave her this. I really don’t mind, I think its pretty. I have my personal sunrise right here, and if that’s because I am the only who thinks so, then so be it.
2014-06-02 15.59.21



Whenever we go to the beach, you would see us shell collecting. It’s a habit, really. My brothers would pass me these chipped off shells. They know me too well because unlike my family, I collect those that are cracked or broken. I think it gives them character. I like broken things :’]






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