The flowers came from my mom. She’s a great gardener and somehow I ended up helping her in the family business…

But I’m not so sure if I’m a florist or something since we sell plants, living and breathing, not the dead ones (you know, the cut ones…except on All Soul’s Day—very busy. And also during Santacruzan [it’s like a May Flower Festival but only with girls]). We also cater to the Church near our house in Pili every week. Gugh, I go to church in the weekly basis because of this (which doesn’t makes me a devotee, or anyone at that matter).

And I always go gaga over the orchids (my favorite are lilies…they’re so pre~tty). But there’s nothing pretty about this business, it’s messy, dirty and very worth it. Maybe I’ll take over one day. I have cold hands after all.

(Note: We have this saying that colder hands makes flowers grow faster, it’s like a green thumb or something like that.)


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