Random Thoughts


Colored by: Tina Hendrickx

Two points

  • Anybody can influence everyone especially if that someone is held with high regard by anyone that is popular enough to be respected by everybody.
  • The result, if your aspiration said something, you’ll readily agree and if everyone agreed, even if you don’t— you’ll still end up agreeing.

Otherwise, you’ll be part of the “lower minority” whose opinions are not relevant since we’re in a democratic country.

—A country where majority rules that are most likely influenced by the “higher minority” you don’t know.

—In a life which you control that is more likely dictated by everybody even if you don’t know why.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Found this in my high school diary. What the heck did I wrote that for!? I am one messed up person back then (probably still is :’)


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