Random Thoughts


“Is banging mythological creatures bestiality?”

If we define bestiality as mans sexual gratification to the lower animals, then probably not.”

“Eh? But aren’t they ‘beast’?”

“Mythical creatures have rank and hierarchy. If you consider the gods and goddesses as well as angels, then they outrank humanity. ”

“But if man happens to have intercourse with one of them (as with most accounts-Greek and other pantheons), then the bestial part would be ‘us’ in their perspective, wouldn’t it?”

“Hm, but the point of bestiality is man lowering himself, not putting him in the pedestal. What is the antonym of bestial?”

“How should I know? Wouldn’t it be just having normal preferences? Wait! Does this mean we do not officially recognize a higher being?”

“What are you talking about? Of course we do, we just don’t ever consider “banging” the unkown (as you mildly put it)…it could be plural, who knows?”

“Can’t we just call it inter-species relations? Just like what we call to those cases with aliens?”

“If we do that then aliens coupling with humans is bestiality (taking logic into consideration)!? Why are we discussing this? They are just fictional character”

“Hm. Nothing, just a nagging question.”


“So what do we call when man bangs fictional characters?”

“That’s masturbating.”


[I’t’s fun debating with myself, eheh, though my reasoning is a bit off]



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