IMG_20140913_113235Sheesh, seriously!? Even opinions are being copypasted like poof. AND THEY ARE OPINIONS FORCRYINGOUTLOUD! Don’t tell me even your faith and beliefs are taken from the net!

And most of these are for flaming. *sigh. Gugh I always feel guilty whenever I get baited at Flame Wars. It just feel degradating, you know? Both for me, the subject, and the baiter/flamer/troll.

I know that it is simply – and mainly, a discussion of important issues (religion, philosophy, politics, grammar – yup, grammar is an issue. Apparently if you have typo, your opinions means shit, especially f u use shortcuts. I’m probably exaggerating,) but how can I see it if it is flooded with curses, snarks, and outlandish claims as if theirs are the only truth in the world. And I hate it when the comments are not even connected. (Oh a hate crime t-shirt = God is not real…wtf!? Though discussing morality could lead to it, still, why drag faith into this?}

Truth, once spoken is already biased. I read that once. Can’t remember so I can’t reference.

Whenever I see an article that really gets on my nerves I always have mixed feeling. Would I comment (because their opinions are really stimulating enough that I need to take part on it and apparently it shows how much I care – questionable really) or should I ignore (because it is not directed to me and is obviously just trying to catch attention from poor suckers)

Up until now, I still don’t like commenting on social medias or forums. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions, I just rather talk it out with friends than to faceless anonymous and get lost in the void that is internet. (Also I’m not good at grammar so, um, yeah…)

-random rant,


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