References for some mini project. :’]

Personally inspired by the origin of mango. “Alamat ng Manga. “Don’t you think the circulatory system looked amazingly like a plant? with the heart as its fruit?

Origin stories or alamat is quite predominant in the Philippine lores. Versions varies from region to region. The ones I am aware of is the story of a stereotypical princess demanding true love by asking the heart of her suitors. Not really thinking it through, a prince slashed his chest and barehanded wrench his heart and offered it to the girl and died. Since she’s probably not used to thinking, she also committed suicide alongside the place where she buried the heart (yup she kept the heart). And there mysteriously sprung a tree with a fruit resembling hearts shining like gold. And we now call it manga. I really can’t tell if its a love story or more like a horror gore with a weak subplot.

Another version is about the good-nature son of Aling Maria and Manong Juan named Ben, who died. His heart was asked by a diwata (fairy/nymph) and was buried, and of course, the tree grow there. And there’s also the gold-hearted Maria who pledge her purity to God but was raped, died and turned to a tree. There are scores of story somewhere, but you really can’t expect anything much. It could actually make for a good material for a parody with sinister background. Burying dismembered organs? Strangers asking for hearts? Can anyone write this? Maybe they could also make a group of Maria’s from Alamats and have some focus group session in how each and one of them died and turned to fruits, insects, birds, mountains or something other humans?


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