10670057_732074460218730_4209148991312436185_nAw~ they still use my works. I feel loved. :’]

Here’s the original piece. If you’re free, you could just barge in at the Ateneo DARTS booth on November 24-28, 2014 at Ateneo de Naga University Campus. There’s tons of other artist and works to choose from and there’s the ADNU Map!


How I miss working with these crazy bunch. The map is a collab with Kuya Pen Prestado and Monique Cabais.


And right, I hoarded some stuff yesterday.

My weapon of choice: I mostly use jotter pad paper, the size is just right for me, not intimidating but still handy :’] I’m a sucker for blank pages. And I also use 00, 000 brushes, chinese ink, any leftover pencils, misplaced erasers, M&G ballpoint pen, faber castel watercolor pencils and unipin if I have cash. Gugh, I need an upgrade–badly!


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