Just having long walks along the beach with my person.

I can’t believe summer is ending and it’s still 32° up outside!


I also spend some quality time with his family. Whaleshark interaction and a nice late-night firefly watching (sayang, it was too dark to have decent photos). It was fun! Though they kinda overdid the food! Hahaha, they’re awesome.


You see, I have been traveling lately. Most of it is probably because I kinda oversleep in my bus and miss my stop. Getting lost sometimes is nice, well, unless you’re already panicking while sleep-deprived and waiting for a transpo to pass in the higway. Hah.

But really, it’s because my mother loves the beach. I probably been to too many beaches. I’m not really good outdoors. I even remember going for wall-climbing, it’s been like years. I should have done warm-ups (muscle pains! gugh)


Anyway, I need to go back to paper! I love the sun, but only as long as there’s a roof above me. Gugh, I want a mobile aircon!


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