*click *click.

*looks at screen.

*sees hate.

*scrolls down.


One of the weirdest reason a stranger insulted me in the net was because of a crack fanfic I made way back in

He/she kinda took it a personal offense that  I made the characters of an anime (Inuyasha) act out of character. (I was in highschool! Don’t judge.) And somehow that made my IQ levels questionable? I ended up recommending him/her other titles I found interesting in the site though (same crack genre…hey he/she/it got lost in that side of the internet for a reason.)

The concept of cyber-bullying starts with these minute nasty things. Crude remarks with a statement any twelve-year-old could compose in a second. I mostly laugh it off, since it never gets to me, personally. The idea of people I don’t know, investing hate on my person, that they could only glimpse in a 24 or 32 bits display hardware, is just…weird (to put it on better terms).

Technically, I’ve always been told that I’m oblivious. But most of the time, I just prioritize the people I want to listen with. Selective? Naive? Probably? But unless you’re the one feeding me, aka. my family and friends, your opinions mean shit. I mean, dude, whatever you say about me, I’ve heard worse, and it mostly came from me, lol. I’m so much harsher to myself, afterall I’ve been putting up with my crap longer than anyone I might chance upon the keyboard.


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