Note: Let me get this out of my system.

The frustrating part of being a Filipino right now is…wala naman ako magagawa eh. Ang kaya ko lang naman gawin para sa bayan ko is magbayad ng tax.

Petition? Rallies? Sharing through social platforms? None of these would equate to anything but muted noises from discussions long passed rehashed from our harrassed history. We are constantly synthesized by drastic issues that are really messed up. China’s forceful claims on our land? Our seas brewing with tension as Japan reinforces its defenses against China’s breach on Japan’s air space? On the other part of the world, the fight of our brothers to the modern age extremists (both from ISIS and Western racial stigma)? Being called “animals” by Trump? Marcos’ grand burial on the Libingan ng mga Bayani? Constant extra-judicial cardboard-justice killings?

…and apparently, the people who gets to speak up for us–to represent the lowly constituents of our humble country, were people like Manny Pacquiao, and Tito Sotto, to name a few.

Somehow, the times I’m using my art to escape reality is increasing. The news and current affairs are messed up and I retaliate by making more sketch dumps. hahah. Gahd I need coffee.


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