Dati ko nang nasabi na di si Rizal o Bonifacio ang kailangan natin…mas nangangailangan tayo ng isang Mabini.
Kailangan natin ng mga tao’ng nasa posisyon na may alam, dahil sila ang may kakayahang magsalita at ipaglaban ang dapat ipaglaban hanggang sa kaya nila. ‘Yung tipong kahit may sakit na ‘yung tao at di na kayang maglakad ay magtratrabaho pa rin. ‘Yung tipong kahit ang dami ng duming itinatapon sa kanya (syphilis daw lol), ay siya pa ‘tong hihingi ng tawad dahil sa pagiging ‘maculit’ niya sa mga isyung ipinaglalaban niya. Ultimo karwahe ng punerarya ay rerentahan makadalo lang sa mga official events (hardcore ni mabini XD).
Ngunit mali pala ako.
Sa panahon ngayon, mas lalo lang pala siyang lulumpuhin kung nagkataon.
Kahapon, nakakuha ako ng commemorative five peso coin ni Mabini. Wala lang, matagal ko na kasing gusto makakuha n’on. And ano lang, napa-isip lang bigla. Sorry kung #random


“Do you know why the unknown is more attracted to mortals than angels? Its because of our imperfection. Our imperfection to destroy. Someway, in a fuck up way, we are the only being who share the unknown’s very nature to destroy which we could mimic more successfully than our myriad attempts at creations.”

-random unearth note between a forgotten mold-smelling book


I’ve once seen a hierarchy on beings on a very-Christian looking drawing. It depicted God as center stage and below him were the angels, then demons, and at the bottom were the mortal man (archaically speaking).

It kinda weirded me out to know we are below demons, the personification of evil and whatnot. But it didn’t surprised me after thinking it over, afterall demons (the Bible version anyway) believes in God’s existence more than humans do.



I’m a day person.

New things are happening so fast. New job. New shift. I stopped studying, started scribbling and just waste away. Mechanical, I confess. Days are nothing but filling up the blanks and sleeping. Probably trying to keep up with ruined biorhythm. They wanted something cheaper than a computer, and so they settled with humans.

Less cost and maintenance, after all, we tend to fix ourselves when we broke.

10670057_732074460218730_4209148991312436185_nAw~ they still use my works. I feel loved. :’]

Here’s the original piece. If you’re free, you could just barge in at the Ateneo DARTS booth on November 24-28, 2014 at Ateneo de Naga University Campus. There’s tons of other artist and works to choose from and there’s the ADNU Map!


How I miss working with these crazy bunch. The map is a collab with Kuya Pen Prestado and Monique Cabais.


And right, I hoarded some stuff yesterday.

My weapon of choice: I mostly use jotter pad paper, the size is just right for me, not intimidating but still handy :’] I’m a sucker for blank pages. And I also use 00, 000 brushes, chinese ink, any leftover pencils, misplaced erasers, M&G ballpoint pen, faber castel watercolor pencils and unipin if I have cash. Gugh, I need an upgrade–badly!